Chinese Curriculum

    Core Courses:

    Orientation Guide (coming) 
    Strategies for Spiritual Harvest  (coming) 
    *Foundations of Faith
    Kingdom Living (coming) 
    Spiritual Strategies (Warfare)
    Ministry of The Holy Spirit
    Knowing God’s Voice
    Creative Bible Study Methods (coming) 
    *Basic Bible Survey: Old Testament
    *Basic Bible Survey: New Testament
    Developing a Biblical World View  (coming) 
    Teaching Tactics  (coming)  
    Methodology of Multiplication  (coming) 
    *Power Principles
    Biblical Management Principles  (coming) 
    Principles of Environmental Analysis  (coming) 
    Management  by Objectives
    Mobilization Methodologies  (coming) 
    Leaven-Like Evangelism  (coming) 
    Women, A Biblical Profile
    Battle for The Body
    Jail and Prison Ministry
    *Intercessory Prayer

    *通過鏈接頁面提供; 不是一個單一的文件。


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